DominoArte – About us

In July of 2014, the shop Domino Arte which has existed in Venice, Italy for over 14 years in the same location, changed hands.

Still operating in the heart of the Castello area on the Via Garibaldi it is now owned and managed by an energetic couple – Valencia & Giancarlo Colombo – who rather than look towards a comfortable retirment, have subtly upgraded the original aspects of the shop, added new and innovative ideas in merchandising while maintaining a homey and comfortable atmosphere for clients. Encouraged by their son Daniel to take over the shop they had few reserves or hesitations about taking on such an endeavor.

Both come from art backgrounds – Valencia, ex fashion retail manager of prestigious name brands, more recently a contemporary art consultant and gallery director of a renowned gallery and with which she is still involved; Giancarlo, sales director of an important Murano glass factory, ex-owner of the former Mozart Art Studio in Venice. Both are art lovers and collectors. Together they form an incredible team and their taste for and love of beauty is reflected in their well- arranged displays whether it be the windows, the inviting outdoor tables or the more important items inside.DOMINO ARTE ESTERIOR VIEW

The shop features many vintage items, local or imported, as well as antiques; artisan ceramics made locally with Venetian motifs, bronze sculptures and signed lithographs by renowned artist Luigi Voltolina, original Murano glass from the 1960s/70s, photographic art by local artists depicting breathtaking scenes of Venice and small bronze and brass objects, bric-a-brac new, yet reminiscent of old. Domino Arte’s interior display cases are in antique wood salvaged from a now-extinct pharmacy that contribute to the atmosphere of warmth. Friendliness and cordiality are innate traits of this couple who have brought together their unique and diverse cultures and backgrounds both in their personal lives as well as in their business, Valencia being from New Orleans in the United States and possibly the first woman of African-American descent to open a a shop in Venice; Giancarlo, a native-born and raised Venetian.

A shop not to be missed on your next visit to Venice!